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Commander C200

Commander-C200 Commander C200 Drives Repair in Delhi, Commander C200 Drives Repair Services in Delhi, Commander C200 Drive Dealers in Delhi. The new Commander C series has been designed to be a simple and compact AC motor speed controller that meets advanced requirements for a wide range of applications while optimizing the user experience.

Commander C Highlights
✓ Set just 4 parameters to get your drive started
✓ Plug-in options for advanced control
✓ Dual Safe Torque Off (STO)
✓ Equipped with the latest energy saving features
✓ Up to 180% overload for high torque applications
✓ On board PLC
✓ Straightforward installation and commissioning
✓ Easy motor pairing and performance control
✓ Robust and reliable design

C200-022 00042A
C200-022 00056A
C200-022 00075A
C200-032 00100A
C200-024 00013A
C200-024 00018A
C200-024 00023A
C200-024 00032A
C200-024 00041A
C200-034 00056A
C200-034 00073A
C200-034 00094A
C200-044 00135A
C200-044 00170A
C200-054 00270A
C200-054 00300A
C200-064 00420A
C200-064 00470A
C200-074 00660A
C200-074 00770A
C200-074 01000A
C200-084 01340A
C200-084 01570A
C200-094 02000A
C200-094 02240A
C200-094 02000E