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Unidrive M400

Unidrive-M400 Unidrive M400 Drives Repair in Tripura, Unidrive M400 Drives Repair Services in Tripura, Unidrive M400 Drive Dealers in Tripura. Control Techniques' Unidrive M400 variable frequency AC drive (VFD) minimizes downtime with an optional plain-text, multi-language backlit LCD keypad enabling rapid setup and clear diagnostic help.

The integrated PLC can execute a substantial range of sequencing and logic programs. Unidrive M400 has an impressive onboard I/O count, dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs, and can accommodate a single SI option module for additional flexibility.

The SI module has options for industry standard fieldbus, Ethernet, and expanded I/O. Additionally, an AI option slot is available for parameter cloning, 24V backup, and Modbus RTU communication options. A CI-485-ADAPTOR is also available to provide additional Modbus RTU communications in place of the optional keypad.

M400-024 00023A
M400-024 00032A
M400-024 00041A
M400-034 00056A
M400-034 00073A
M400-034 00094A
M400-044 00135A
M400-044 00170A
M400-054 00270A
M400-054 00300A
M400-064 00420A
M400-064 00470A
M400-074 00660A
M400-074 00770A
M400-074 01000A
M400-084 01340A
M400-084 01570A
M400-094 02000A
M400-094 02240A
M400-094 02000E
M400-094 02240E