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Unidrive M200

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• Most competitive drive for this feature set and quality
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Unidrive M200 is extremely reliable, build quality is ensured using world leading manufacturing processes. M200 is packed with features proven to keep systems running in environments as described by IEC60721-3-3 3C3 and EN60068-2-60 Meth. 4.

• PCBs conformally coated for resilience to harsh environments
• Patented air flow system cools and protects components
• Voltage tolerance for smooth operation during variable supply

M200-022 00042A
M200-022 00056A
M200-022 00075A
M200-032 00100A
M200-024 00023A
M200-024 00032A
M200-024 00041A
M200-034 00056A
M200-034 00073A
M200-034 00094A
M200-044 00135A
M200-044 00170A
M200-054 00270A
M200-054 00300A
M200-064 00420A
M200-064 00470A
M200-074 00660A
M200-074 00770A
M200-074 01000A
M200-084 01340A
M200-084 01570A
M200-094 02000A
M200-094 02240A
M200-094 02000E
M200-094 02240E